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As India continues to fight against the widespread of the pandemic novel coronavirus aka COVID-19, many Indians seem haunted by salary cuts and job loss. Despite repeated requests by various sectors and assurance by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, companies are asking their employees to leave and are also imposing salary cuts. It is not just the small-sized or medium-sized industries that are laying off the jobs, but big corporate giants are also poised to cut down the salary of the employees or even handle them with termination letters. Bajaj Auto, India’s third-biggest two-wheeler manufacturer advised its factory employees to take a 10% cut in their salaries so that everyone’s job is safe and no one loses their employment. However, this is only applicable if the production does not timely resume on April 21. As per Dilip Pawar, President, Bajaj Auto Union, all the employees have agreed to this plan of action. Vistara, one of India’s biggest full-service airline operators released a statement stating that around 30% of its workforce will have to take non-paid leaves for one to three days starting from April 15 to 30. The statement also highlighted that it is a compulsory act of action and everyone has to strictly adhere to it. The number of non-paid leaves depends on the employment grades, for example, the senior-most employees will have to take three days of non-paid leaves, said the statement. Indian tourism and hospitality sector that currently accounts for more than 12% of the total employment opportunities in the country has been left completely paralysed by the outbreak of the pandemic. Experts believe that around 4 to 5 crore people will lose their jobs who are directly or indirectly working in the tourism and hospitality sector. Experts also hinted at more job losses if the spread of the infection continues to grow. Meanwhile, Narendra Modi announced the suspension of all hospitality services till May 3 raising more concerns for the industry. But, the announcement was made keeping in mind the safety of human lives and to put an end to the havoc caused by the coronavirus. As an exception, hotels and homestays accommodating stranded tourists due to the nationwide lockdown and those declared as quarantine centres by the government will start functioning from April 20. Having discussed all that, the number of cases in India rose to 13,495, and about 448 people have died of the infection so far, as per the data collected by the Worldometer. Maharashtra leads the table with 3,204 positive cases, including 194 deaths. Delhi with 1,640 positive cases is at second position followed by Tamil Nadu (1,267), Rajasthan (1,131) and Madya Pradesh (1,115).


Sources: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC of the PRC, JHU CSSE, DXY, QQ, and various international media

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States Confirmed Recovered Deaths
Maharashtra 246,600 136,985 10,116
Tamil Nadu 134,226 85,915 1,898
Delhi 110,921 87,692 3,334
Gujarat 41,027 28,685 2,033
Uttar Pradesh 35,092 22,689 913
Karnataka 36,216 14,718 615
Telangana 33,402 20,919 348
West Bengal 28,453 17,959 906
Andhra Pradesh 27,235 14,393 309
Rajasthan 23,748 17,869 503
Haryana 20,582 15,394 297
Madhya Pradesh 17,201 12,679 644
Assam 16,072 10,427 37
Bihar 15,039 10,991 118
Odisha 12,526 8,360 79
Jammu and Kashmir 10,156 5,895 169
Punjab 7,587 5,040 195
Kerala 7,439 3,963 30
State Unassigned 3,416 0 0
Chhattisgarh 3,897 3,070 17
Uttarakhand 3,417 2,718 46
Jharkhand 3,663 2,256 24
Goa 2,368 1,428 12
Tripura 1,962 1,375 2
Manipur 1,593 843 0
Puducherry 1,336 690 18
Himachal Pradesh 1,182 895 10
Ladakh 1,077 928 1
Nagaland 748 313 0
Chandigarh 549 413 8
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 482 237 1
Arunachal Pradesh 341 125 2
Mizoram 227 150 0
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 156 92 0
Sikkim 160 80 0
Meghalaya 262 45 2
Lakshadweep 0 0 0

* Cases identified on a cruise ship currently in Japanese territorial waters.

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