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Airports gearing up for a comeback after the lockdown period. Professionals deployed in sanitizing the entire airport premises, says airport authorities. With only 9 days left for the completion of the nationwide lockdown, which is scheduled to end on May 3, airports across the country are preparing to resume operations, but with stringent measures and safety protocols for both the employees and passengers. All airports will compulsorily have strong facilities for isolating COVID-19 suspects within its premises. Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO, DIAL said, we are conducting extensive training and assessments of key service personnel to ensure maximum safety and security. Plus, run checks on major facilities and performing risk evaluations are also carried out. The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is led by GMR Group, which manages The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, one of India’s busiest airports. The IGI airport Delhi is still operational to channelize essentials like sanitizers, bodysuits, face masks and medical equipment across India during the coronavirus outbreak. Ever since the lockdown was imposed on March 23, the IGI airport has been operating round the clock and has handled 22 cargo flights daily. Talking about the safety measures, the CEO said, a team of 500 professionals has been hired to sanitize each and every corner of the airport including desks, chairs, railings, trolleys, trays, elevators and baggage belts inside the terminals. The sanitization drive to clean the entire 6,08,000 square meter of the airport has been carried out every single day and will continue even after the airport reopens after May 3. Furthermore, to maintain social distancing, every alternate seat has been with colored tapes, said the CEO. Also, additional seating facilities have been done near all the check-in counters, security areas and near immigration. All the terminals will have auto sanitizer dispensers and for disinfecting luggage, UV machines will be installed, said the CEO. GMR group managed Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL) has also announced the restart of all its operations after lockdown. The airport authority said they are having a conversation with all its stakeholders and key partners to implement comprehensive safety measures and ensure a sanitized environment for its passengers. All the check-in counters and cash counters will have transparent shields to maintain separation between passengers and frontline staff, said GHIAL chief executive SGK Kishore. He further said boarding card and bag tag dispensers will be made directly accessible to the passengers to avoid any physical contact with the airport staff. All airport staff, service partners, concessionaires will have to undergo thermal screening every day before entering the premises, said SGK Kishore. He also confirmed that every staff member will be provided with adequate protective equipment, including masks and gloves, which must be worn at all times without fail. Currently, a team of 100 professionals has been hired to sanitize the entire airport building consisting of seven floors and spread across a total area of 1.27 lakh square meters.


Sources: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC of the PRC, JHU CSSE, DXY, QQ, and various international media

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States Confirmed Recovered Deaths
Maharashtra 246,600 136,985 10,116
Tamil Nadu 134,226 85,915 1,898
Delhi 110,921 87,692 3,334
Gujarat 41,027 28,685 2,033
Uttar Pradesh 35,092 22,689 913
Karnataka 36,216 14,718 615
Telangana 33,402 20,919 348
West Bengal 28,453 17,959 906
Andhra Pradesh 27,235 14,393 309
Rajasthan 23,748 17,869 503
Haryana 20,582 15,394 297
Madhya Pradesh 17,201 12,679 644
Assam 16,072 10,427 37
Bihar 15,039 10,991 118
Odisha 12,526 8,360 79
Jammu and Kashmir 10,156 5,895 169
Punjab 7,587 5,040 195
Kerala 7,439 3,963 30
State Unassigned 3,416 0 0
Chhattisgarh 3,897 3,070 17
Uttarakhand 3,417 2,718 46
Jharkhand 3,663 2,256 24
Goa 2,368 1,428 12
Tripura 1,962 1,375 2
Manipur 1,593 843 0
Puducherry 1,336 690 18
Himachal Pradesh 1,182 895 10
Ladakh 1,077 928 1
Nagaland 748 313 0
Chandigarh 549 413 8
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 482 237 1
Arunachal Pradesh 341 125 2
Mizoram 227 150 0
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 156 92 0
Sikkim 160 80 0
Meghalaya 262 45 2
Lakshadweep 0 0 0

* Cases identified on a cruise ship currently in Japanese territorial waters.

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